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Liberdade 229 is a cosy and international space for you to cowork in the heart of Lisboa, 1 minute from two subway lines.

We host 34 desks for like-minded freelancers and entrepreneurs who love and cherish the space they work in.

Send us an email if you want to stop by for a quick tour or try out one of our desks for one day - free of charge.

Perks and Pricing

Keeping it simple and fair. All inclusive:

180€ per month+ VAT

  • 24/7 access: come, stay and go every day of the year at any hour - you’ll have your own set of keys.
  • Central location: only 1 minute walk from Marquês de Pombal - Blue and Yellow lines and two minute walk from a handful of major bus lines.
  • Meeting room: a gorgeous place to host your clients, hang out. We have, amongst others, regular movie/popcorn sessions and murder mystery dinners here.
  • Shiny kitchen: Large, modern and fully equipped. The ideal space to talk while having lunch or coffee together.
  • Gourgeous bathrooms: two large bathrooms, with a good selection of books, comics and magazines.
  • Large desks: 150x70cm, with a comfortable chair and storage space. A place to call your own. For an extra 50 Eur + VAT / month you get a gorgeous 27" Matte UltraSharp Dell 2560 x 1440 monitor
  • Mini library: We even have our small communal library with books and magazines
  • Fast Internet: We’ve got you covered. 100mbps fiber, B/G/N/AC (Airport Extreme) WiFi or Giganet in all rooms
  • Some other stuff: 2nd floor with elevator, alarm system, A/C, professional cleaning service, free printing (within reason, of course).

Still in doubt? Read the FAQ's

  • How about that meeting room / lounge? Our meeting room is freely available to you at any time (no extra costs) and we have a shared calendar to keep it running smoothly. Next to that we tend to abuse it for joined dinners, events and movie sessions.
  • And is the meeting room / lounge (it's the official name) for hire for separate events? Though we always like to meet new people and encourage our coworkers to host workshops and meet ups, we also want to be a bit aware who comes into the coworking. Therefore we don't rent out the shared rooms for external events.
  • Any extra costs? We have coffee available for 40 cents (per Nespresso Capsule) in a range of flavors, and the optional large external monitor, but everything else is, as advertised… all included
  • Do you have desks for a shorter period of time? We love our people to stay longer, but if you're in Lisbon for either a week or just a couple of days we would love to have you over, get in touch.
  • Do you have a fax/scanner/printer available? We do have a network ink printer for free use, within reasonable use, and a small scanner that travels around a fair bit.
  • So how about a fax/phone line? We don't have a phone number nor reception, but we have the infrastructure if you want to install your own line.
  • Mail? You can get your mail and deliveries at our address, we'll leave it at the entrance but we don't forward or scan it for you. On most days, really depending on the weather, we'll leave your mail on your desk though.

Our Story

Back in the summer of 2009 we created this, the first coworking space in Lisbon. We rented the whole floor in this unique 19th century building and shared it with the nicest people we could want to work with.

Now, ten years later, we have seven bright and spacious rooms filled with 34 desks. Each occupied by creative and inspiring people from all over the world. And our walls full of funky, inspiring art pieces.

Floor Plan

  1. Meeting Room
  2. Octopus Room
  3. Cool Room
  4. Retro Room
  5. Valentin's Room
  6. Olaf's Room
  7. Lisbon Room
  8. Small Room
  9. Kitchen
  10. Bathrooms
Click on the floor plan to see pictures of the rooms

The People

Liberdade 229 is filled daily with an interesting coworking crowd with differing backgrounds: architects, traders, web designers, web developers, internet entrepreneurs, mobile developers, game art designers, fashion consultants and a pharmaceutical analyst.

All these people come from all over the world including Portugal, France, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. To keep all this going along peacefully we tend to speak mostly in English and Portuguese, though some friendly French or Dutch might be picked up on in passing.

Next to being a source of varying cuisine, this melting pot always makes for amazing and unexpected professional and cultural discoveries.

  • Liberdade 229 provides everything we want from a co-working space: inspiring co-workers, a great location in the center of Lisboa and a beautiful and characteristic office space. We feel at home!

  • I have used over a dozen coworking spaces in Europe and the US, and Liberdade 229 is definitely in the top 3. I felt at home from the first day.

    Bernard Schembri, Web Entrepreneur
  • Having a nice work environment is crucial and Liberdade 229 is a good place to work and feels like a 2nd home.

  • Liberdade 229 is just the right mix of lively community and calm work atmosphere. Through it I made a lot of friends and got integrated really fast in the Lisbon web scene.

    Claudine Braendle, Webdeveloper

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